About Us

The mission of the Center for Biomedical Research in Music (CBRM) is to advance the knowledge of the basic and applied neuroscience of music engaging in:

  • Scientific research and discovery
  • Dissemination of knowledge through publication, presentation,  and transfer of knowledge  in science and health care to society
  • Teaching: Integrating students into research and dissemination activities
  • Preservation of knowledge through maintenance of current research data bases

To fulfill these goals, CBRM keeps an active interdisciplinary research agenda in collaboration with other research units at Colorado State University and at other institutions nationally and internationally.

Dissemination and knowledge transfer is achieved through several avenues of activities. An active publication and presentation schedule aims to disseminate information to fellow researchers, medical and therapy professionals, and health care consumers. CBRM offers community outreach programs in neurorehabilitation to individuals recovering from neurologic illness or injury and their families and caregivers.

CBRM integrates music therapy students at Colorado State University into research and other scholarly activities, while offering resources and facilities to the academic training of music therapy.

CBRM maintains and updates a large data base of research publications related to the basic and clinically applied neuroscience of music.